Stephen St. Amant, President

Stephen St. Amant is Vice President of Marketing and Communications at RTD Embedded Technologies, Inc. RTD is a founding member of the Consortium, and has played important roles in specification development and organizational leadership. Stephen has supported the Consortium’s efforts for many years, most recently as a key member of the Marketing Committee. Stephen’s experience helps in bringing together diverse stakeholders to meet common goals in new, inventive ways.


Lee Foss, Board Member

Lee Foss is founder and CTO of AMP Ltd in Cambridge, England. Prior to formation of AMP Ltd, Lee worked in the electronics industry as a designer and innovator with special interest in broadcast digital video. Lee has over 20 years experience of working in the electronics industry.


Martin Ting, Board Member

Martin Ting is the CEO of Perfectron Co Ltd. Perfectron specializes in rugged fanless systems with extended temperature operation support and anti-shock & vibration, provided with mature structure and build up technique of PC/104 and extended form factors for embedded motherboards. Possessing years of experiences, Martin leads the company to bring PC/104 modules into a new level of MIL-STD and EN50155 certified application, widely applied in automatic, unmanned, and avionics solutions. Martin keeps on guiding Perfectron for further achievement and self-motivated to support the Consortium for future development.