New York, January 25, 2016MicroMax’s patent application for an innovative method of housing and layout of PC/104 boards inside ATR-chassis with conduction cooling has been admitted to the examination.

MicroMax has developed an innovative layout and method for building aircraft automation devices inside an ATR-chassis (Air Transport Rack) with conduction cooling using PC/104 electronic modules. The development allows significant simplification of avionics construction, reduced cost and time to market, and improved operational performance of the computer system (efficiency, operating temperature, and ingress protection).

Samuel Abarbanel, MicroMax president, states: “Patent protection for the technology will strengthen our ability to supply customers with complete systems built in the ATR-enclosure as well as provide developers with the enclosure itself as a base for their own projects. The fact has already induced positive reaction from our customers.”

MicroMax provides a fully sealed rugged chassis (IP66) for aircraft, marine and vehicle applications that boast high performance. Weighing only 4.4 kg (less than 10 pounds), the enclosure is able to house up to 8 PC/104 boards and dissipate up to 95 W of power.

Temperature tests of the M-Max 810 PR/MS3 ATR-system fully confirmed excellent operating characteristics using design parameters with the technology. Testing procedure included measurement and monitoring of temperatures in various spots on a highly loaded system, confirming ability of the design to dissipate heat from the CPU and electronic components of the system.

About MicroMax

MicroMax Computer Intelligence, a U.S. Corporation, was founded in 1979. Specializing in the engineering and design of embedded solutions for harsh environments as well as distribution of industrial computing and communication products, MicroMax’s M-Max systems are highly regarded in the transportation, manufacturing and mining industries.


Contact:               Audrey Weiner, VP Marketing

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MicroMax, founded in 1979, is an engineering company, designing specialized computer systems for mission critical applications, with customers in the transportation (rail, marine, air) & various industrial/ manufacturing enterprises. MicroMax also maintains offices in Russia. Representing over two dozen manufacturers of computer boards and specialized electronics for automation/control, enables MicroMax to offer the best prices, state of the art equipment, knowledge of the marketplace as well as the latest technological developments to our clients. •Extra durable ruggedized computers protected from dust, moisture and other environmental hazards designed to perform in all environments under almost any condition from the rigors of an offshore oil rig to the intense shock and vibration of a space shuttle. •Subsystems for Computer Based Interlocking (CBI)/Automatic Train Control (ATC) railroad applications, in full compliance with CENELEC SIL4 spec with extraordinary immunity to all kinds of disturbances. •On-board/field multifunction systems for use in harsh environments, with very high MTBF/MTBS •Design/production of customized enclosures for harsh environments including ATR type enclosures / systems for avionics •Rugged Embedded SBC designed and built with all components approved to operate in the -40°/+85°C range, with a high degree of shock/vibration protection and special conformal coating to protect boards from moisture and other corrosive substances, with a high MTBF

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