Consortium introduces new logo design in celebration of benchmark anniversary

February 24, 2017, Sacramento, CA – The PC/104 Consortium will be celebrating our 25th anniversary at Embedded World 2017 from March 14 – 16 in Nuremberg, Germany. Visit us in Hall 3, Stand 547 to learn more about the industry-standard specification that is used in rugged and industrial applications across the globe.

In line with the consortium’s desire to support legacy technology while developing new solutions for the future, we’re also introducing a fresh logo for our 25th anniversary celebration. The robust, clean and practical logo design references the modularity and scalability inherent in PC/104 architecture and corresponds with the continued evolution of the PC/104 specifications and the steady expansion of the PC/104 ecosystem. This new logo’s visual adaptability is another reminder of the versatility of our specs and their stackable buses.

“As stewards of the PC/104 specifications and the developers of future stackable architectures, our visual identity should reflect the innovative spirit and forward-thinking technologies of our member companies and the specifications we promote,” said Stephen St. Amant, president of the PC/104 Consortium. “We see our newly minted image as a fresh cue to Embedded World attendees: our member companies are solving some of today’s most exciting embedded challenges with the latest in PC/104.”

PC/104 supports a vast network of global embedded infrastructures, and our well-crafted standards have positioned our members for continued, sustainable growth. The consortium was established in February 1992 by 12 companies with a common vision of adapting desktop computer technology for embedded applications. This consortium has had a tremendous, positive effect on the embedded computer marketplace, and we’re always looking for new members.

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The PC/104 Consortium is the focal point for the entire PC/104 industry including manufactures and OEMs. It provides a place for information on current specifications, product offerings, news, and events and a place to advance and develop specifications that are consistent and stable for long term use.

The PC/104 Consortium and standard were established in 1992. PC/104, in use since 1987, is a small form factor, embedded PC physical and electrical interface standard. It provides embedded system designers with an architecture that is dense, cost effective and based on proven, practical technology. PC/104-Plus, an extension that was added to the standard in 1995, incorporates PCI technology. A PCI only version, PCI-104 was incorporated into the specification in 2003. EPIC form factor, a mid-sized format that supports PC/104 and PC/104-Plus was adopted in early 2005. PCI/104-Express and PCIe/104 were adopted in 2008 with Type 2 introduced in 2010. The latest addition, OneBank, was adopted in January 2014.

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Media Contact: Jeff Milde, Executive Director, PC/104 Consortium / Tel: (408) 337-0904 / FAX: (408) 521-9191

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