60W PC/104 Power Supply - HE104

The HE104 is a high efficiency 60 watt DC-DC converter that can supply 5V and 12V DC outputs only or can include features such as, Power Management, Universal Battery Charger, AC bus termination, or -5V and -12V DC output. The HE104 is designed for low noise embedded PC/104 computer systems, has a wide input range of 6V to 40V DC(>6:1) and is ideal for battery or unregulated input applications. The HE104 is specifically designed for vehicular applications and has heavy-duty transient suppressors (5000W) that clamp the input voltage to safe levels. Further, it is able to maintain normal power supply operation.

The HE104 is a state-of-the-art MOSFET based design that provides outstanding line and load regulation with efficiencies up to 95 percent. Organic Semiconductor Capacitors provide filtering, which reduces ripple noises below 20mV. The low noise design makes the HE104 ideal for use aboard aircraft, military applications or wherever EMI or RFI must be minimized. The 5V and 12V DC outputs are controlled by a constant off-time current mode architecture regulator, which provides excellent line and load transient response. The 12V boost regulator uses the 5V as input power, so it can operate without dropout from 6V to 40V DC input and supply 2A. The 5V output is protected from output shorts by a high-speed pulse-by-pulse current limit circuit. Furthermore, the 12V output is protected from shorts by the current limiting of the +5V DC controller.

The optional Power Management controller (PM104) allows for timed on/off control of the HE104, bus interrupts on impending power failure, current limit setting and intelligent charge termination for the optional battery charger. The HE104 is provided in a PC/104 form factor compliant size, which includes the 8-bit and 16-bit PC/104 expansion bus header. All generated voltages are provided to their related power supply pins on the PC/104 expansion bus and are available for off-board use through a screw terminal block. The optional PC/104 AC bus termination feature provides the cleanest possible signals on the PC/104 bus. The HE104 can be configured to meet almost any power supply need for embedded PC/104 applications. This could be a simple +5V application, which provides for back lighted LCD panels or a full UPS (un-interruptible power supply configuration). The HE104 is now RoHS compliant.

  • 50 Watt DC-DC converter
  • 5V and 12V output standard, -5V and -12V output optional
  • 6V to 40V DC input range
  • Extended temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • PC/104 compliant
  • High efficiency up to 95%
  • High transient suppression
  • Low output ripple
  • Removable connector blocks
  • Optional AC BUS termination and Power Management
  • RoHS Compliant

Tri-M specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of rugged computer systems as well as board-level products such as DC-DC converters, CPU modules, enclosures, wireless, and GPS products. Many Tri-M products are designed to withstand higher temperature ranges, shock, vibration, moisture, dust and electrical noise and can be found in many industries including industrial control, military, aerospace, alternative energy, homeland security and gaming.

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