The rugged, high-efficiency DC-DC power supply is designed for various applications with extended-temperature.

Without heat sink and fan, the newer technology makes it working more stable in atrocious
environments. The module provides output power directly PC/104 Plus buses, as well as auxiliary connector for external tapping.

  • High-Efficiency
  • Rugged, Extended-Temperature Design
  • Wide Range Input Voltage
  • Precise Regulation
  • Transient Protection
  • Output Protection
  • Power Output LED Indicators
  • No Heat Sink, No Fan

LongWin Computer Inc. is an electronic designing and consulting company that designs, develops and consults various electronic products from consumer to industrial field. With experience over the decades in system design, LongWin specializes in embedded products. Having a team based in both Silicon Valley and China, LongWin has developed a variety of embedded products including the most powerful PC/104 Plus system module running up to 2.1Ghz speed, as well as 1st PC/104+ system module released to market with built-in Gigabit Ethernet. Also as an electronic design house, we have extensive experience in designing a wide range of applications. Whether you are designing a completely new system or redesigning an outdated product, LongWin can help you meet your objectives and shorten your project schedule. Our engineers will implement full turnkey designs per your specifications, or work collaboratively with your team to identify and develop select subsets of your product.

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