The ADEPT104 automatic video tracker is a full-featured PC104 and PC104-Plus format automatic video tracker and image processor. Despite its small size, it maintains software compatibility with the entire line and has the powerful processing capability of our latest designs. The card is particularly well suited to applications where size and weight are critical, such as unmanned vehicles and compact electro-optical systems. This card is capable of multiple operating modes.

The ADEPT104 uses pre-processors with advanced image processing algorithms which are then followed by tracking algorithms which include centroid, edge, multiple target track, phase correlation, combined and SceneLock capabilities. It can also provide real-time electronic video stabilization using the SceneLock algorithm. Analog inputs, and optional CameraLink and LVDS video inputs, provide widespread compatibility with electro-optical sensors. This commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) card can be mounted in any standard PC104 or PC104-Plus system.

    Abaco Systems aspires to be the rugged embedded computing partner of choice for customers developing mission-critical solutions for the harshest and most challenging environments. Our products, technologies and systems are deployed in almost every major US Army, US Navy and US Air Force program, as well as in military programs around the world. Our unique long term support services have helped keep some of those programs operational for decades. The vast majority of our product designs are based on industry standards, however we also produce customer-specific variations as needed. We also commonly build products which are rugged enough to function in environments of extreme temperature, shock and vibration.

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