A performance and power balance for embedded systems
The performance demands on embedded systems are increasing, and AMD Athlon® and AMD Athlon X2 dual-core processors provide unique features and high performance for high-end and more traditional embedded designs.
Based on the award-winning AMD64 technology with Direct Connect Architecture, the AMD Athlon family of processors provides a balanced foundation for storage, telecommunications, point-of-sale, networking, military, imaging, and gaming systems, as well as other traditional embedded markets like single-board computing and industrial control.

AMD64 technology delivers a balanced approach to raw processing power, memory performance, I/O throughput, and scalability. Add 32- and 64-bit application support with native multi-core computing in a consistent thermal envelope and many embedded designers are finding their next-generation systems deliver record-breaking application performance.

The innovation of AMD64, the ease of x86, the choice for embedded systems
In addition to performance, AMD Athlon and AMD Athlon X2 dual-core processors for the embedded market are NEBS-friendly and offer Error Correcting Code (ECC) to help deliver reliability and secure data transactions for embedded systems. Innovations like AMD Virtualization® technology can help customers maximize server efficiency, while AMD’s Torrenza initiative is designed to make it easy to incorporate application-specific FPGAs or co-processors directly onto the AMD64 platform.

AMD is committed to providing our embedded customers with choices, and designing on the industry-standard x86 platform provides access to thousands of software, hardware, and development tools. AMD processors are compatible with the major Microsoft® Windows® operating systems as well as Linux. Our goal is allowing you maximum opportunity to design the embedded system you envision and your customers demand.

To learn more go to www.amd.com/embedded

    AMD Embedded Solutions - A rich mix of high-performance, low-power processors to meet the fast time-to-market demands of today's embedded systems. Along with a range of varied processors, AMD supports the x86 embedded marketplace with design tools, support, and partnerships that offer simplicity and flexibility to create high-performance, feature-rich, and customer-driven products. AMD is an innovation leader in x86 processor design. AMD's embedded products offer designers processor-level features and a balanced foundation for overall system performance, with the quick time to market offered by commercial off-the-shelf components. Customers using AMD processor-based systems can experience remarkable application performance with scalability, ease of management, and low total cost of ownership. AMD processor-based products are category leaders from enterprise-class servers and cutting-edge consumer systems to traditional embedded markets. AMD's embedded processor solutions deliver maximum performance with low overall system power consumption and are supported by longer than standard availability, a full library of x86 software development applications, and hardware tools. It's time to design and produce the next-generation embedded systems your customers demand quickly, easily, and efficiently. Learn more at www.amd.com/embedded

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