The CM310 and CM17320 bring multiple port asynchronous communications to the PC/104 platform. On either board RS232 or RS422 signaling may be configured on a port by port basis.
The CM310 hosts four independently configurable ports each having an industry standard 16C550 UART register layout.
This board also has support for multiple address configurations as well as independent interrupt generation for each port. The CM310 allows each port to be switched off if required to conserve ISA resources.
The CM17320 supports eight independent serial ports. The PCI configuration allows the ports to operate independently without using ISA resources. High speed throughput is achievable on all 8 ports due to the PCI bus and large FIFO stages. Windows and Linux drivers allow simple integration of this board into end user applications.

  • Compatibility with the Industry Standard 16C550
  • 16 byte transmit FIFO/16byte receive FIFO with error flags or 64 byte in PC/104-Plus card
  • Independent transmit and receive control
  • Standard modem interface
  • Jumper selectable to interrupt line, base address, RS232/ RS422-485 mode per port
  • Jumper selectable enable/ disable per port
  • Eight PCI serial UART channels
  • 32-bit PCI target
  • Universal (3.3V or 5.0V) PCI signaling
  • 14.7456 MHz crystal with custom options available
  • Maximum Baud rates 921,600 baud RS-422/485 230, 400 baud RS-232 with standard crystal
  • Optional rugged IDAN® enclosure system

RTD is a founder of the PC/104 Consortium and an ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified company. RTD designs its products to withstand -40 to +85 C operating temperatures and severe shock and vibrations which are indispensable for the most demanding industrial, aerospace, transport, and military applications. From low power to high-end performance, RTD's product offering is the broadest in the industry. RTD specializes in the research, design, and manufacturing of PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI-104, PCIe/104 and PCI/104-Express compliant modules and systems, addressing intelligent process control, data acquisition and processing, adaptive signal processing, video capture, telematics, wireless, fieldbus, and power supply technologies. RTD's rugged packaging and system solutions include the IDAN®, HiDAN®, HiDANplus®, and FieldPad® and are available in standard and custom designs. Add in drivers, developed software environments, and example programs, RTD provides a clear one-stop, fast development experience with long lasting support for the embedded customer. All of RTD's products are manufactured in the U.S.A. at our facility and have seen use on every continent, in many oceans, at various levels of our atmosphere, and in space. A State of the art Automated Surface Mount Assembly System using X-Ray technology for inspection of BGA components along with Humidity Controlled Environmental Chambers highlights the effort taken to ensure a quality product.

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