The Diamond-MM-AT analog I/O module offers autocalibration, programmable gain, A/D FIFO, and extended temperature operation to mid-range 12-bit analog I/O users. All these features are added on top of our existing Diamond-MM architecture at the same price as the original board, to bring you an unbeatable combination of features at this price level.

The 16 12-bit analog input channels feature programmable gains of 1, 2, 4, and 8, as well as programmable unipolar/bipolar range, for a total of 9 different input ranges. Maximum sampling rate is 100KHz (total for all channels), and a new 512-sample FIFO enables the board to operate at full speed in Windows operating systems using interrupts. DMA is no longer required to attain full speed.
Diamond-MM-AT offers 9 different programmable input ranges, including both unipolar and bipolar modes. Single-ended / differential operation is selected with jumpers, as it is with all our analog I/O boards.

  • 16 analog inputs, 12-bit resolution
  • 100KHz max sampling rate
  • Programmable gain
  • Interrupt-based A/D data transfer with FIFO support
  • 2 12-bit analog outputs
  • Programmable analog output range
  • Multi-range autocalibration for highest accuracy
  • 16 digital I/O lines
  • +5V only power supply
  • -40ºC to +85ºC operation

DIAMOND SYSTEMS CORPORATION, founded in 1989, provides compact, rugged embedded computing solutions to customers around the world in a wide range of industries. We deliver both board-level products and system-level solutions incorporating these products. Our expertise is in analog I/O technology, high integration, customization, and rugged design. Our embedded CPU boards provide a unique level of integration by incorporating data acquisition and other features right on the board, reducing size and cost. Our analog I/O capabilities include our patented, best-in-class autocalibration technology that reduces analog measurement errors by a factor of 10 over competitors' solutions.

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