The INT-1410 Audio Matrix is a PC/104-Plus audio peripheral board aimed for managing up to 8 analog input and 8 analog output channels, with programmable front-end audio CODECs, and up to 2 digital (S/PDIF) input/output channels. Other options include 2 auxiliary analog input and 2 auxiliary analog output channels with a programmable front-end audio CODEC.
The onboard PCI interface manages the 10-channel play DMA stream and the 12-channel record DMA stream of the main channels as well as the 2-channel play DMA stream and the 2-channel record DMA stream of the auxiliary channels.
The onboard features include a switch matrix that allows the user to select the driving source of each of the 8 analog output and the 2 digital output channels. A 2-channel mixer which can mix the 8 analog inputs, the 2 digital inputs and the 10-channel play DMA stream is also available as well as a 4-to-2 wire converter on an analog input/output channel pair.
Optional features include a two-way echo canceller on an analog input/output channel pair, a 1-watt power amplifier on an analog output channel and a preamplified microphone input on an analog input channel.
The board is fully compliant with the 2002/95/CE (RoHS) directives and can be qualified inside the standard (0 ~ + 60°C) and extended (-40 ~ + 85°C) temperature ranges.

  • 8 differential analog input channels (AIN1~AIN8) and 8 differential analog output channels (AOUT1~AOUT8) with 4 programmable front-end audio CODECs
  • 2 auxiliary analog input and 2 auxiliary analog output channels with an additional programmable front-end audio CODEC (optional)
  • 2 digital S/PDIF input (DIN1&2) and 2 digital S/PDIF output (DOUT1&2) channels (optional; requires an external transceiver)
  • PCI interface managing: Play DMA stream: 10-ch main + 2-ch aux; Record DMA stream: 12-ch main + 2-ch aux
  • Switch matrix: Inputs: AIN1~AIN8, DIN1&2 MIX1&2 and Play DMA; Outputs: AOUT1~AOUT8 and DOUT1&2

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