State-of-the-art processor technology offers reverse compatible solutions for various 486 platforms based on PC/104 bus systems. With 800 MHz this CPU board is based on Vortex processor technology. All components including processor are specified to be suited for an extended temperature range from -40 up to +85°C and therefore can be used in outdoor applications as well as in the vehicle construction and railroad technology. Every interface is ESD protected. This board is optionally available with protective varnish required for rail road systems.
The complete X86 architecture enables the operating on MS-DOS, Windows CE, Linux, Vx Works, RTKernel, etc.

  • Extended temperature -40 to +85°C
  • RTC, Watchdog, Temperature supervisor
  • Socket for SRAM, NVRAM, EEPROM, (DiskOnChip)
  • All interfaces ESD Protected
  • 72 hours Burn-in tested

Syslogic is a european supplier of industrial computers, embedded systems and touch panels for challenging applications in areas such as machinery and vehicle construction as well as transportation and rail technology (EN50155). All products are developed and manufactured completely in Europe. Because of this, for more than 25 years Syslogic has stood for robust, custom-designed systems with a long service life. In addition to traditional product support, the company offers its customers excellent engineering project support.

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