NETSBC 41 Series embedded single board computers are equipped with an AMD Vortex86DX2 processor. The Vortex processor is backwards compatible. This means that the frequency can be reduced – for example, in retrofitting applications – so that the state-of-the-art single board computer is also compatible with older software. All components – including the processor – are specified for an extended temperature range of between –40 and +85 °C and are suitable for outdoor applications, in vehicles and in railway engineering. IPC/NETIPC-4 single board computers are also available with an optional protective coating.

    Syslogic is a european supplier of industrial computers, embedded systems and touch panels for challenging applications in areas such as machinery and vehicle construction as well as transportation and rail technology (EN50155). All products are developed and manufactured completely in Europe. Because of this, for more than 25 years Syslogic has stood for robust, custom-designed systems with a long service life. In addition to traditional product support, the company offers its customers excellent engineering project support.

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