32bit RISC computer “SuperH SH-2 SH7145” of the RENESAS Co. is installed in this product. It is High performance.
Additionally, there are VGA/LCD board, LVDS/DVI board, USB board, and Development environment kit in the MS104 series.

  • OS : TOPPERS (uITRON4.0 base)
  • CPU : SH7145 (49.152MHz)
  • FlashROM : 2MB, SRAM : 1MB
  • 10Base-T connector
  • USB1.1 connector
  • EIA-232 connector x2

Development and sales of board computer that uses made by RENESAS company efficient 32bit-RISC computer "SuperH". Moreover, it is good at system development, firmware development, and PC software development.

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