Neptune introduces a new concept in small form-factor SBCs. Neptune’s CPU core consists of an ETX module mounted its bottom side, an approach that improves thermal management and increases the space for I/O functions and connections. This innovative design has enabled Neptune to integrate CPU, system I/O, industry-leading data acquisition, both 10/100Mbps and gigabit Ethernet, and a wide-input DC/DC power supply within the compact and modularly expandable EPIC form-factor.

Thanks to Neptune’s flexible architecture, you can select from a wide range of ETX-based CPUs to meet each application’s specific performance, power, and cost requirements. Available processors include AMD’s 1.65GHz G-T56N and 1.0GHz G-T40N CPUs.

In addition to its comprehensive embedded-PC system core, Neptune also optionally integrates Diamond’s industry-leading data acquisition I/O subsystem and DC/DC power supply, featuring 32 16-bit programmable analog inputs with 250KHz sample rate, 4 12-bit analog outputs, 24 digital I/O lines, 8 opto-isolated digital inputs, 8 opto-isolated digital outputs, 2 counter/timers for A/D sample rate control, event counting/timing.

  • ETX-based architecture provides wide range of interchangeable processor cores
  • AMD CPUs including the 1.65GHz G-T56N and 1.0GHz G-T40N
  • 10/100Base-T and Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • CRT and LVDS support
  • 6 RS-232/422/485 ports
  • Data acquisition featuring 32 16-bit A/D with autocalibration
  • 4 12-bit D/A, 24 DIO and 2 counter/timers
  • DC/DC power supply with 8-28V input range and 40W output power
  • -20°C to +71°C operation

DIAMOND SYSTEMS CORPORATION, founded in 1989, provides compact, rugged embedded computing solutions to customers around the world in a wide range of industries. We deliver both board-level products and system-level solutions incorporating these products. Our expertise is in analog I/O technology, high integration, customization, and rugged design. Our embedded CPU boards provide a unique level of integration by incorporating data acquisition and other features right on the board, reducing size and cost. Our analog I/O capabilities include our patented, best-in-class autocalibration technology that reduces analog measurement errors by a factor of 10 over competitors' solutions.

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