P104-GPIO96 is a PC/104-Plus general purpose digital I/O module integrating Diamond’s using a high-capacity PCI Express FPGA for maximum density and flexibility. This product integrates Diamond’s FP-GPIO96 programmable digital I/O module and a PC/104-Plus adapter board.

P104-GPIO96 is a programmable PCI-104 DIO module using a high-capacity (700K gate equivalent) PCI Express FPGA for maximum density and flexibility. The base hardware configuration features 96 digital I/O lines grouped into 12 8-bit ports. All ports have I/O buffers to protect the FPGA and feature 5V logic drive levels. The ports are organized into a combination of byte-wide, nibble-wide, and bit-wide direction control for maximum flexibility and application compatibility.

The built-in FPGA personality provides multiple configuration options. All 96 I/O lines may be used in common I/O mode; Six of these ports can be reconfigured to enable an array of additional features, including 8 32-bit up/down counter/timers with programmable input source and gate, 4 24-bit PWM circuits with 0-100% duty cycle capability and interrupt/latched mode operation.

The flash-based design enables easy field upgrades using a Diamond-provided software utility (no cable or third-party software required!) as well as custom code development. Universal Driver software support is included for Linux, Windows XP, Windows Embedded CE/Standard.

  • FPGA-based design with in-the-field reconfigurability
  • 96 buffered, programmable digital I/O
  • Byte-wide, nibble-wide and bit-wide port direction control
  • 5V logic level
  • 8 32-bit counter/timers
  • 4 24-bit pulse-width modulators
  • 1 PCI Express x1 lane host interface
  • PC/104-Plus form-factor compliant
  • PC/104-Plus (ISA + PCI) stackable expansion
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature
  • Universal Driver software support

DIAMOND SYSTEMS CORPORATION, founded in 1989, provides compact, rugged embedded computing solutions to customers around the world in a wide range of industries. We deliver both board-level products and system-level solutions incorporating these products. Our expertise is in analog I/O technology, high integration, customization, and rugged design. Our embedded CPU boards provide a unique level of integration by incorporating data acquisition and other features right on the board, reducing size and cost. Our analog I/O capabilities include our patented, best-in-class autocalibration technology that reduces analog measurement errors by a factor of 10 over competitors' solutions.

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