ept has developed an electromechanical connection with the PC/104 Plus connector system in press-fit technology. This connector system presents the J3 connector in accordance with the PC/104 Plus spec in a 2mm grid. ept offers female 120 contact connectors, shrouds 120 contact and pin headers 60 contact as a standard for convenient stacking of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). In order to meet the requirements of PC/104 Plus with pin headers, two headers are pressed-in parallel. This offers the use of pin headers as termination of a board-stack.

ept PC/104 Plus press-fit connectors offer a large number of advantages:

  • Male and Female connectors can be pressed in with the same ept press-fit tool in one single step, thus offering a time-saving production.
  • Female connectors can be mounted cost-effectively due to flat rock technology.
  • No costly manual soldering
  • No solder bridges due to solder-free press-fit connection.
  • Reduced inspection process
  • Shroud makes stand-offs unnecessary
  • Secure assembly of shroud and board by over pressing on the connector tails.

In addition ept offers customer-specific solutions in PC/104 Plus applications in 2.0 mm grid.

  • ept‘s proven press-fit technology Tcom press®
  • PC/104-Plus available for 22 mm Board-to-Board distance
  • Shrouds as accessory available
  • Individual performance level and contact number possible

ept (electronic precision technology) is a worldwide leader in manufacturing of compliant press-fit technology electromechanical connections. Ept can offer not only the highest capabilities in both design and manufacturing of connectors, but also equipment, tools, and services in processing of press-fit connectors on PCBs. Products include: * ATCA and MicroTCA Connectors * Compact PCI Connectors * VME Connectors (DIN Connectors) * Connectors for Embedded System such as PC 104 * Customized Connectors in Telecom, Industrial Automation and Automotive * Press-fit equipment and tools

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