Connect Tech’s Xtreme/104-Plus 16 Port board offers 16 ports of switchable RS-232/422/485 on a single PC/104-Plus card. This provides the highest port density and most flexible PC/104-Plus serial port solution available.

Dependability, high speed data transfer rates, and high density makes the Xtreme/104-Plus 16 Port a must where space is at a premium. The Xtreme/104-Plus 16 Port is ideally suited for embedded systems where high serial port count and a small footprint is required.

Example markets are remote submersibles, remote aerial or land vehicles, remote monitoring stations, or anywhere that high serial port density is required.

  • Flexibility: 16 RS-232/422/485 serial ports
  • Speed: Data rates up to 1.0Mbps RS-232 and 4.16Mbps RS-422/485
  • Baud Rate: Fractional baud rate generator can create any baud rate with less than 1% error
  • Performance: Each port is controlled by a high performance UART, with 64 bytes of transmit and receive FIFO buffers
  • Adaptability: Jumper selectable RS-485 Bias and Termination resistors
  • Ruggedness: Operates within a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)

Connect Tech is a hardware design and manufacturing company that specializes in rugged, small form factor solutions. Our products support a wide variety of industry standards including COM Express®, SMARC, Qseven, 3U VPX, and PC/104. Our peripheral solutions include Managed Gigabit and 10G Ethernet switches, NVIDIA® GPU solutions, Digital & Analog I/O, CAN Controllers, Multi-Port Serial, FPGA, Adapters, and Power Supplies. Additionally, CTI offers a line of Rugged Tablets. We have a nimble engineering team ready to engage in Custom Design when “off-the-shelf” is not an option. Connect Tech has built a global reputation for delivering quality, cost-effective devices backed by stellar customer support. The tradition of providing flexible, cost-effective solutions is built on Connect Tech’s expertise in the design and manufacture of hardware and software. Yet innovative design is only part of the Connect Tech solution. We are driven by the belief that customer satisfaction is as important as a quality product. Connect Tech strives to build solid relationships with customers by providing superior support both pre- and post-sale. It is Connect Tech’s goal to continue this tradition in the future development of innovative designs and to exceed the expectations of all customers with whom we come into contact.

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