PC104plus Module

b-plus offers with its industrial PC/104-Plus PC104Board DX3 the optimal alternative to discontinued LX800 CPU based products. To reduce costly adaptions and new developments of whole applications and designs, e.g. in industrial machinery, b-plus developed a maintenance free module, that has similar characteristics. It also offers beneficial new Features.

  • DM&P Vortex DX3 processor - Ultra low Power x86 Dual Core Processor up to 2x1GHz with up to 2GB soldered DDR3 memory
  • Legacy interfaces - Native ISA support without a bridge PATA, PCI, LPT, COM, PS/2 and Fast Ethernet support
  • Mass storage - SATA, 2x SD Card or PATA for boot devices
  • Long time availability - Industrial design with 10 years + long time availability
  • Dual independent display - Dual independent display

b-plus is an established and recognized partner of the automotive industry. With a strong focus on future technologies, b-plus develops complex hardware and software solutions for applications like advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), safety control units, roadside environment and outdoor applications. Highly dynamic and innovative future technologies like autonomous driving and others are supported by our portfolio of diagnosis, development and measurement platforms.

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