The BiSerial features large internal “BLOCK RAM” which can be used for FIFO or Dual Port RAM. The Spartan III® contains the PCI interface with DMA and the state-machines for your design. If deeper FIFO’s are required; an additional 128Kx32 x2 are available. 16 – 40 MHz 485 and/or LVDS buffers with programmable termination and direction can be configured to your systems requirements.

There are 4 DAC, and 4 ADC channels which can be populated with 200 KHz. 16 bit devices.

Eight TTL IO are provided for flexibility, and to remove the need for an additional card when only a few bits are needed. The state-machines can be coupled to the TTL IO or they can be used as a separate parallel port or other function.

  • 16 transceivers : RS-485 / LVDS
  • 8 TTL IO
  • 4 ADC 200 KHz 16 bit
  • 4 DAC 200 KHz 16 bit
  • Custom State-Machines
  • Windows and Linux Support

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