This adapter can be used to fit and operate PCI/104-Express cards in PCs with PCI Express slots. Multiple cards can be stacked together on a single adapter.

The adapter has its own internal voltage controller which generates the 5-Volt supply for the PCI/104-Express card from the 12 Volts from the PC PCI Express slot. As an option, the 5-Volt supply can be connected directly via the HD connection. All supply voltages are visualized by LEDs and can be separated with jumpers in order to do current measurement.

  • 4-layer board with gold-plated PCIe contacts
  • Internal 5-Volt voltage regulator
  • Molex PC HD connector for external 5-Volt supply
  • LED power supply indication
  • Jumpers to do current measurement for the supply voltages (3.3 V, 5 V, and 12 V)

PEAK-System offers a wide range of CAN interfaces including device drivers and programming interfaces for Windows® and Linux systems.

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