Sealevel PC/104 synchronous serial modules are engineered with strict attention to timing and other important considerations to achieve the most reliable, high-speed communication possible.

Sealevel PC/104 modules are available in extended temperature versions (-40°C – +85°C).

  • Configurable for RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, RS-530, RS-530A, or V.35
  • SeaMAC V4 software supports many popular protocols including HDLC, SDLC and various bisync, monosync, and raw (bit-shifter) modes
  • Available with Z85230 Enhanced Serial Communications Controller (ESCC®)
  • Available with Z16C32 Integrated Universal Serial Controller (IUSC®) with built-in DMA controller and 32-byte FIFO buffer
  • Various oscillators available for custom clock rates
  • 26-pin header connector

Sealevel Systems, Inc. provides innovative hardware and software products enabling computer connectivity and control. Since 1986, we have manufactured Serial and Digital I/O products to serve our customers' interface requirements. Whether you're looking for synchronous or asynchronous serial, analog or digital I/O, industrial computers or touchscreen HMI systems, Sealevel has a solution. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is expressed by our ISO 9001:2000 registration and the Lifetime Warranty that is standard with all Sealevel manufactured I/O products. Currently, we offer over 300 standard RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 serial and digital I/O devices for multiple interfaces including USB, Ethernet, PCI, PC/104, PCMCIA, ISA, and serial converters. Our Relio® industrial computers and embedded I/O servers offer solid-state reliability and the highest degree of scalable I/O expansion. We have expanded our product line to include SeaI/O® data acquisition modules, SeaPAC® industrial touchscreen HMI systems, and OEM boards.

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