The TRACER-DIO-5VIO is a high current PC/104 digital I/O and counter/timer module.    The module provides 48-lines of 8255 compatible general purpose I/O and three 16-bit 8254 compatible counter/timers.

The module is a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) module used in military, aerospace and industrial applications.

This product is an update from our classic Tracer-E. The digital I/O module provides true 5 volt output swings and accepts full 5 volt inputs.  It has 48-lines of 8255 compatible general purpose I/O and three 16-bit 8254 compatible counter/timers.

Optional 2 mm connectors and cables, terminal board and cable accessories are available.  Tin mitigation option available via special order.  Firmware modifications available on request.  Contact factory.


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  • High-Current Outputs can sink 32 milliamps, and source 32 milliamps per channel. This is true even while operating at high temperatures.
  • Direct Interfacing to OPTO-22's isolated I/O racks. Digital I/O connector is organized to allow direct connection to OPTO-22's isolated I/O racks that use the G4 serial of I/O modules, the PB16-H, PB16-J, PB16-K, PB16-L, PB8H and the PB24HQ.
  • Environmental: Wide operating temperature range of -40oC to +85oC
  • Polarized connectors prevent incorrect cable installations
  • LED status: an LED displays valid card read/write transactions useful for both product development and field status.
  • Single +5V operation: approximately 500 milliwatts (inputs/outputs unloaded)
  • Out-gassing and fire avoidance: we do not use any tantalum or electrolytic capacitors in any products.
  • Reliability: MTBF of 724,559 hours per MIL-HDBK-217F ground benign at 25oC.
  • Production: Designed and Assembled in Wisconsin, USA, utilizing an ISO 9001 manufacturing facility.
  • Individual Customer Assistance: We will do whatever we can to assist you in designing in our products.

For over 15 years, Apex Embedded Systems LLC has been delivering PC/104 products with headquarters in Monona, Wisconsin. All products are designed and manufactured in the United States, built to meet or exceed operating temperatures of -40C to +85C and all product are free of tantalum and electrolytic capacitors to avoid fire hazard and out-gassing. We provide product customization including firmware, tin mitigation, zero-ohm resistors in place of jumper shunts and legacy hardware refreshing significantly reducing system re-qualifications and extending production life cycles.

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