VCODEC-H264-D4 - 4 channel, full frame rate, H.264 encoder / decoder

The VCODEC-H264-D4 is a 4 channel, full frame rate H.264 Codec for the PC/104-plus bus system. The VCODEC-H264-D4 provides a powerful solution for capturing and compressing analog video inputs to the H.264 standard. The VCODEC-H264-D4 not only provides H.264 compression but can also simultaneously decompress and replay recordings from storage to display.
The VCODEC-H264-D4 allows high quality real-time video and audio capture and compression from NTSC/PAL video sources to disk and simultaneously provides an additional path for uncompressed video for on-screen preview or optional downstream video analytics. The high performance H.264 video data compression and reduced bus utilization allows up to four VCODEC-H264-D4 cards to be fitted in a PC/104-plus system.
In addition to the video codec functionality, the VCODEC-H264-D4 is equipped with a RS-485 serial port for connection with collaborating equipment such as camera PTZ control. This feature further expands the versatility and application area of VCODEC-H264-D4.
The VCODEC-H264-D4 is support by a set of well-documented, comprehensive SDKs that minimize development risk and shorten time-to-market for applications in video streaming, recording, or routing. The SDKs are available on popular embedded operating systems such as Window and Linux.
Typical applications using VCODEC-H264-D4 include solid-state digital video streaming/routing server, vehicle-based video codec, law enforcement, crime scene recording, remote video surveillance, multi-camera security application, asset monitoring, traffic monitoring and control as well as video acquisition and analytics.

  • Quad speed H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10 AVC) video codec
  • Up to 4 x 4CIF (704 x576) size encoding at full frame rate (NTSC/PAL video signals)
  • H.264 decode playback
  • Composite video or s-video outputs for preview or playback
  • Full bit mapped graphics overlay with multi-level alpha blending
  • Automatic detection of motion
  • G.723 audio codec for each input channel with single audio playback channel
  • Real-time video preview to system VGA or NTSC/PAL output
  • RS-485 Serial port for camera
  • PTZUp to 4 VCODEC-H264-D4 cards per system
  • Drivers for Windows XP/XP-Embedded and Linux
  • PC/104-Plus 3.3v Add-in module
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to +60°C or -40°C to +85°C

Advanced Micro Peripherals is a leading manufacturer of embedded video solutions - offering the latest MPEG-4 / H.264 codecs and video overlay / annotation technologies on a wide range of embedded board form factors including PC/104, PC/104-Plus, CompactPCI and miniPCI modules. The AMP range of rugged, long-life embedded video hardware is matched with comprehensive software to capture, display and record from multi-channel NTSC / PAL video cameras. AMP also offers an extensive range of PC/104, PC/104-Plus and EBX format embedded PCs (SBC), communication controllers and power supplies to create complete (COTS) solutions for use in military and industrial grade digital video recorders (DVR), telemetry and transportation infrastructure. The product range is designed and produced by our highly qualified team of engineers from our headquarters near Cambridge in the UK and is supported by sales teams in the UK and United States.

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