The VCS-1 is a PC/104 Linux stack composed of 2 main components, namely the EMC2 board which is a PCIe/104 OneBank™ carrier for a Trenz compatible SoC Module and the FM191 expansion card that fans out the I/Os from the SoC to the outside world.

The SoC from the Xilinx Zynq Series provides standard connectivity (e.g. SPI, RS232, I2C, USB, GigE, PCIe, etc), Quad Core ARM Cortex A53 which is used to run Ubuntu Linux OS and ROS Melodic, memory interfaces and Programmable Logic used for Hardware acceleration and GPIO

The versatility of the VCS system is derived from the modular concept of the SoM processing element on a PC/104 board, combined with a separate I/O Module.  This gives it plenty of ADC, DAC, I/O and expansion possibilities with PC/104 options.


  • Quad ARM-A53 Zynq with Integrated FPGA and H.265 CODEC, using the ZU4EV MPSoC
  • 15x Digital I/O Ports on DP9
  • 12x Analog Inputs on DB9
  • 8x Analog Outputs on DB9
  • 4x USB3.0, SATA, HDMI & USB2
  • Rasberry Pi I/O Header for 28x I/O GPIOs
  • ROS, OpenCV, Xilinx SDSoC, MQTT and Python software support

Sundance is a leading provider of advanced DSP, Multicore, FPGA and reconfigurable COTS systems that are configurable to suit all high-performance embedded computing and modular signal processing applications, enabling rapid prototyping and deployment of rugged embedded systems. Designers and manufacturers of wireless infrastructures, satellite communications, industrial signal processing, sonar/radar, Software Defined Radio (SDR), multimedia and telecommunications depend on the flexibility of Sundance's mixed DSP & FPGA platforms to get their products to market FAST! Key facilities are located in the UK and mainland Europe, and our worldwide network of agents provides quality service and support.

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