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COTS Journal

The editors and staff of COTS Journal are dedicated to providing the industry with the best quality technical material to help readers design and build embedded computers for the military - whether for benign applications or for the most rugged, mission-critical jobs the battlefield, sky or water can offer.

What differentiates COTS Journal from the rest of the pack - aside from its unique posture as the only technology publication addressing the military market - is the quality of its editorial staff. These seasoned veterans of computer, defense and publishing industries not only go the extra mile to provide the most up-to-date information in an easily readable form, but they themselves participate in the industry and are widely sought after to provide technology, market and trend briefings to the industry and government sectors.

We publish more pages of editorial content as a ratio to advertising than any of our nearest competitors. This feat is accomplished through a series of staff and contributed articles that meet the standards required by the readers and supported by our staff. No fluff or filler is tolerated.

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