Based on the PCI bus and a compact form factor, this two-channel, multi-protocol serial adapter offers high performance, reliable, synchronous or asynchronous serial communications for your industrial or embedded needs. Providing the maximum in flexibility, this PCI-104 card allows you
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Product types:
PC Bus Technology:
These modules provide high-performance serial bus communication complete with FireWire, iLINK, and SB1394 implementation of IEEE STD-1394b. Three independent channels are capable of supporting 100/200/400/800 Mb/s on each channel. These FireWire modules are equipped with a 1394b bilingual connector for
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RTD provides a wide array of analog data acquisition modules for today’s environments, where discerning signal from noise at high rates is critical. RTD’s various analog I/O solutions feature 12-bit or 16-bit resolutions, with 1K/8K FIFO buffers, sample rates up
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PC Bus Technologies:
The SMT1024 is probably the most versatile PC/104 PSU in the World. The SMT1024 is a modular PC/104 Power Supply Unit (PSU) that can be purpose built for individual systems to provide optimal DC-DC efficiency and variable wattage outputs on
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