Guidelines for Adopt-a-Spec Process

In an effort to facilitate the Consortium’s mission of creating, maintaining and distributing standards that expand the use of PC/104 technology in embedded products, the Consortium is establishing the following process for adopting specifications:

  1. Any group or individual(s) having a specification for an embedded technology that implements and/or supports PC/104 technology may present the specification to the Consortium for consideration as a standard. Those presenting the specification must provide the following:

    a) Complete documentation of the specification
    b) Justification for the Consortium adopting the specification
    c) Signed agreement to transfer all rights of ownership to the Consortium.

  2. The Consortium will receive submitted specifications at the first Board meeting following receipt of a completed submittal package at the executive offices of the Consortium. Copies of the submittal package will be distributed to all Board members for review.
  3. At the 2nd scheduled Board meeting the Board will deem the submittal as one to consider or one to decline. The Board will make this decision using the published “Specification Evaluation Criteria” posted on the website.
  4. If the Board declines a specification for consideration, a letter will be sent to the submitting group or individual(s) thanking them and making any and all statements needed to officially decline the specifications.
  5. If the Board retains a specification for more lengthily consideration, a letter will be sent to the submitters informing them of the Board’s interest. The Board may call upon the submitters to provide additional information as required to evaluate the specification.
  6. The Board’s evaluation of the specification will be posted on the website in the “Members Only” section to notify all Consortium members of the Board’s interest and consideration of the specification for adoption.
  7. The Board will list any and all action items needed to complete its evaluation of the specification at its Board meeting and record these items in the Minutes of the Board meeting. The action items will be assigned and scheduled to conclude by the fifth Board meeting following the specifications submittal.
  8. At the fifth meeting after the specification is submitted the Board will vote its preference for adopting, declining or postponing the vote of the specification.
  9. If the specification is adopted it will then become a “Standard” and will be presented to the general membership for consideration and a vote in accordance with the bylaws of the Consortium.

Criteria for Evaluation of a Proposed Specifications

New Specifications must:

  • Embrace PC/104 growth and proliferation
  • Embrace embedded technology
  • Add to or promote the existing standards of the Consortium by implementing new technologies in an innovative and forward thinking manner
  • Extend the applicability of existing standards in functionality and/or life time
  • Not negatively impact existing standards or compete for the same space
  • Seek to achieve a satisfactory level of compatibility between all other standards