The ADLMES9200 is a successor to ADL’s popular IP65 ADLMES8200 rugged chassis system. Design improvements include lower weight, lower cost, quick and reliable IP67 integration as well as rugged features including MIL-STD 810G shock and vibration and MIL-STD 461F/704F/1275D compliance capability. It is compatible with all of ADL’s PC/104 and 3.5” SBCs and power supplies.

Our ADLMES9200 rugged chassis systems are SWaP-optimized for space-constrained military / defense applications for mobile, tactical, airborne and ground vehicles.

Designed to survive MIL-STD 810 rugged environments, the ADLMES9200 can suit the needs of a broad range of rugged uses from the ground up.

Customize Your ADLMES9200 Today
Custom sized variants available through ADL’s system design services.

For more information on the ADLMES9200 or how it can be customized to a specific application, contact our experienced team of engineers today.

Shown: ADLMES9200-P1P with Active Fan Option

Shown: ADLMES9200-P1P with Active Fan Option










  • Two Size Profiles Available
  • IP7-rated EMC-Compliant gasket(s)
  • Passive Fanless and High-Power Conductive-Cooled Designs
  • Space for 3x or 5x PC/104 Cards
  • Designed for MIL-STD 810F shock and vibration. Options for MIL-STD 461/704/1275 power and EMI specifications available
  • Uni-body design
  • Compatible with ADL PC/104, 3.5” SBCs and power supplies
  • Customizable Front I/O Plate For Feature and Function

    ADL Embedded Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of high-performance embedded systems targeting demanding thermal and rugged environments for industrial and military applications. ADL Embedded Solutions excels at collaborating with customers to design quality, reliable embedded solutions in a timely fashion to exacting customer requirements. ADL Embedded Solutions boasts a broad portfolio of long-lived SBCs, ranging from low-power Intel® Atom® architecture through high-performance Intel® Core™ i5/i7 processors that ensure access to the latest processor technology and long-lived availability.

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