The PCM-3353 is a fanless, best-cost, performance PC/104+ SBC (Single
Board Computer) geared to satisfy the needs for various industrial computing equipment. PCM-3353 is ideal for communication, gaming and medical applications that require flat panel support using digital displays with TTL and LVDS interfaces and single Ethernet ports.
For those who want superior performance for various low-power embedded applications, PCM-3353 uses an AMD LX-800 processor clocked at 500 MHz, in conjunction with onboard DDR333 system memory.
PCM-3353 offers convenient connector layout, easy assembly, multiple I/O, and includes single 10/100Mbps Ethernet, four USB (Universal Serial Bus) 2.0 and four serial ports for easy system expansibility.

  • AMD low power LX800 500 MHz processor
  • 24-bit TFT LCD interface, 18-bit LVDS LCD display
  • Supports up to 4 COM ports, 4 USB ports
  • Supports Embedded Software API and Utility
  • Supports embedded OS: Windows CE 5.0 , Windows CE 6.0 , Windows XP Embedded, Linux, QNX, VxWorks

Founded in 1983, Advantech has provided leadership for innovative ePlatform products and services for over 25 years. With comprehensive product ranges, customer-centric design services, and an extensive global network, Advantech is your most trustworthy partner to empower numerous innovations in the connected eWorld. The Advantech Embedded ePlatform Organization is committed to providing a full line-up of products that extend from board-level solutions and semi-customized modules, to fully customized solutions and compact embedded computers. We deploy cutting-edge technology in industrial grade computing platforms to satisfy all mission critical embedded and industrial applications. Advantech PC/104 Single Board Computer modules measure 96 x 90 mm. The range includes various CPU modules for different applications and a variety of PC/104 add-on peripheral modules. PC/104 modules feature a compact form factor, low power consumption, and PC/104, PCI-104 or PC/104-Plus expansion with extended temperature options. They offer a wide range of computing capacities from ultra low power 5 Watt SOC, to the latest Intel ATOM processors. Advantech is a PC/104 Consortium associate member and worldwide number one PC/104 stackable solution leader. PC/104 products are ideal for space limited or extended temperature applications.

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