Ltd S320 DAQ provides all necessary functions for fast high precision measurement and control: 16 bit Analog Input channels (2 SE or 1 DI, 8 ranges), 1.2 MS/s; Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) from 1 to 128; 16 bit Analog Output, 1.2 MS/s max update rate (2 channels, 4 ranges); 16 DIO with high output capacity (20 mA per channel); DSP (TI DM6437 4800 MIPS) and user space of 112kB of memory with real time averaging and data processing; on board temperature and two high precision voltage references.

    RedWave Labs design and manufacture high quality custom electronics, specialising in photonics. We produce cost effective systems for hostile environments and the most demanding situations. Our compact lightweight products are designed to operate in the extremes of temperature and pressure. RedWave Labs can satisfy a wide range of customer requirements from our standard range of drivers and controllers to highly complex custom designs and prototypes for the most demanding environments. We range from high precision analog design to fully integrated embedded systems with multiple DSP and non-volatile memory. Many of our products can operate at temperatures down to -70°C.

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